Posted by: Grant | May 25, 2013

What To Do With AUS ABC?

~meThe Australian Government broadcaster, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, have long employed middle class trendy intellectual graduates, fresh from indoctrination in the leftist Arts-Law type university faculties.

A leftist culture has developed and so entrenched itself, that it is just to painful for them to do their job and present both sides of an issue like Climate Change.

This recent “Lateline” report from a Climate Alarmist, while distorting the sceptics arguments, is perfectly valid, but is a serious problem for ABC viewers and listeners who must have noticed that after all those years of Tony Jones sniggering and sneering at Climate Change sceptics, that he is now finally being forced to take them into account.

There have been attempts to address this bias from the top down, but in true “Yes Minister” fashion they are always defeated.

Reform it from the bottom up.
Split the News and Current Affairs Department in two. One run by a Leftist and One run by a Rightist.
Create competing newsrooms and give them both access to all the big, flagship news programs, so, if there is to be 6 items on that night’s “Lateline” show, three are from the Leftist newsroom and 3 are from the Rightist newsroom. The duplication of resources could be addressed by natural attrition. Senior management would tend to appoint junior management who could balance the reporting well.
We already see an indication of this as the old guard such as Elenor Hall elbow their way onto the new ABC 24 so people get to hear them.

Here is the offending news item –

Stop investing in carbon intense industries
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 23/05/2013
Reporter: Tony Jones
“BILL MCKIBBEN, ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVIST & AUTHOR: Well, what a pleasure to be with ya.
TONY JONES: Let’s start with the statement most frequently used by climate change sceptics: the planet has stopped warming since 1998 and started to cool, actually cool, since 2003. True or false?
BILL MCKIBBEN: Completely false. The data is unfortunately abundantly clear here. Not only is the air temperature continuing to go up, but a whole slew of studies in recent months have shown that in fact the rate of warming in the oceans is accelerating and of course that heat will eventually make its way back out into the atmosphere…. “

Here is where it is all shot down in flames, by aussie scientist Jo Nova again – You’re on a roll Jo!

Tony Jones lets Bill McKibben get away with barking nonsense
“Really one degree is utter catastrophe”
May 24th, 2013

“Here are the questions Tony Jones could have asked if only he or his billion-dollar organization had the time to use the Internet.
Is he a journalist or an activist pretending to be one? And how much does Jones get paid by the taxpayer for allowing McKibben a free pass to say things that are easily shown to be false?
The ABC wants to keep that a secret. It wants your money, but not your opinion. The full transcript is on the ABC site, I’ve selected parts below. (My cost to the taxpayer: $0)…. “


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