Posted by: Grant | May 26, 2013

Ha Ha Ha – You Do Get A Laugh Sometimes!

 I’ll bet this was enough to get tears in the muesli of all those trendy punters who put up solar panels to impress the neighbours then boasted how all the stupid neighbours were all paying for them to save-da-planet! 2.8 billion in Queensland alone!


Solar price rise to end power divide
From: The Australian  May 25, 2013 12:00AM

laugh“AUSTRALIA’S one million rooftop solar households could be forced to pay new fixed charges to help recover billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies and make electricity prices fairer for all consumers.
A series of electricity industry reports has highlighted the inequity in existing power pricing where customers without solar panels are unfairly subsidising those with them.

Queensland Energy Minister Mark McArdle has warned that existing rooftop solar contracts will cost the state more than $2.8 billion over the next 15 years and is preparing a major submission to cabinet within a month recommending more user-pays charges…. “

Perhaps these greenies do have cause for complaint, but photo-voltaics do have a limit. They are already causing problems for the grid if clouds roll in and the steam generators have to be cranked up rapidly.


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