Posted by: Grant | May 31, 2013

Greens Kill Off Another Solution.

killed off by Greenies

It is important to realise that “Climate Change” is a revolutionary movement, started by a small band of Leftists after the collapse of Communism. They still drive the dogma and the agenda.~me

To demand the destruction of a multi-trillion dollar, intrinsic, fossil fuel energy system without demonstrated, proven alternatives in place is a revolution that would make Lenin and Che Guevara proud.

The plan is to tear down Western Civilisation and remake it as a Green Socialist Utopia.

Now, of course, that is a little ambitious, but the secondary result is very appealing to more moderate leftists – regulation. They love regulation. They reg, reg, regulate just for the sake of regulating and “Climate Change” is massive regulation. The process is more important than the result. The achievement is the mobilisation of huge government resources and the creation of new industry.

Results are incidental. If they were really worried about Climate Change they would embrace the only two demonstrated viable alternatives, Nuclear and Hydro.

Now they have killed off another demonstrated viable solution. “Better Place” battery changing electric vehicles.

Lithium ion batteries and battery changing technology just needed international standards, so EV manufacturers could use each others batteries. Gasoline cars use each others fuel and service stations, but greenies poo-pooed electric cars because the energy would come from fossil fuel power stations. Not true, but there is a small core of socialist revolutionaries feeding the dogma into the political classes and the new battery changing technology never stood a chance.

Let’s hope the EV manufacturers can get together and create their own international battery changing technology standards and revive this exciting new industry. A “D Cell” fits a Chinese torch and an Israeli torch and a Russian torch and even a North Korean torch.

Trailblazing Israeli electric car company to close
Tue, 05/28/2013 – 10:38am
by JOSEF FEDERMAN, Associated Press

BTW If you think I am just a little paranoid on the afore-mentioned “revolutionaries” – do read Donna Laframboise’s brilliant “Delinquent Teenager”  expose’ on the sidebar of this blog.


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