Posted by: Grant | June 2, 2013

Kevin 07 Blamed “My Scientists”

This article points out that it is a bit rich to pour billions and billions into “Climate Science”, create thousands of new “Climate Scientists” and a prosperous new Climate Change research industry and then claim you were only following their advice – Yeah, right!!!

No wonder “97% of Scientists agree”!! – “97% of “my” scientists!!

‘My scientists made me shrink your car’
How government scientists plunder the till in the name of science
By Patrick J. Michaels Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Capture-1“Three years ago, I ran into former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at a ritzy Northwest Washington restaurant. We exchanged pleasantries, but before long, our conversation became unpleasant.

Since climate science is my field, I felt compelled to point out that Mr. Rudd’s support for a cap-and-trade policy for carbon emissions had recently helped cost him his job as prime minister. “Well, what should I have done?” he replied. “My scientists, I say, my scientists, told me this is an important problem.”

Having closely followed implementation of Mr. Rudd’s cap-and-trade, my response was admittedly a little testy: “Your scientists said exactly what you paid them to tell you.” It took less than an hour for the daily newspaper The Australian to get wind of the encounter.

That brief interaction with Mr. Rudd is indicative of a widespread problem: The government of Australia, and pretty much every other nation, funds research scientists and then relies on them for policy guidance. It is in the best interest of these government-funded scientists to ensure their fields — and therefore their jobs — are deemed of great importance.

The problem is particularly costly when it comes to environmental science…. “

” …In Big Science, money is power. Money is publications. Money is promotion and tenure, television time, awards, rewards and a permanent ticket out of coach. There’s simply no incentive for scientists to do anything but perpetuate their issues…. “


cartoon2(One of Australian History’s greatest ironies is that we could have had Kevin’s ETS, the CPRS, but the Greens blocked it because it wasn’t extreme enough for them!  They then got their extreme one thru the hung parliament but it was emasculated by a public backlash on power prices from the RET and it destroyed the next PM with a broken promise – “there will be no carbon tax under a govt. I lead” – with a public opprobrium which she just couldn’t dislodge.)


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