Posted by: Grant | June 7, 2013

Don’t Mention The War – On Carbon

“The Greens leader, Christine Milne, has suggested Tony Abbott is not fit for leadership because of his stance on climate change, but she is preparing a Democrats-style “keep the bastards honest” election campaign to stop Abbott’s “excesses” in the Senate, on the assumption he will be prime minister. In an interview with Guardian Australia, Milne said the Liberal leader’s personal politics were threatening the planet. “Tony Abbott has been so irresponsible in terms of addressing global warming,” she said. “He has chosen to jeopardise the future of children, of generations henceforth, of species, by putting his own political perspective ahead of actually addressing global warming…. “

Milne does not cite “Climate Change” here, quoted from the video, because the Greens, realising it is the Loser-of-the-year, are no longer pushing it.



” …They may want an Abbott government but I think a lot of people are very worried when they look around Australia and see what conservative governments are doing to national parks, they are worried about what’s happening to the great barrier reef, people wanta see marriage equality, people want to see progressive policies advanced in Australia ‘an so the Greens would…”

She is certainly not pushing this – 

“Milne defended the Greens’ push for a much higher carbon price during the negotiations over the clean energy package. She said that the Greens’ position was based on what was needed to drive Australia’s contribution to international efforts to limit global warming to 2C.”

~meThe simple fact is that, while still vigorously supporting savin-da-planet with a very high “price on carbon”, they do not want to remind the punters what happened to their power bills with the mandatory RET, because the Carbon Tax, which will morph into a severe ETS, would make power bills go from onerous to horrendous and then start affecting their gas and petrol prices.
Go to their website – you have to dig out any mention of “Climate Change”, it’s all marriage equality and the G.B.Reef.


Milne is right of course,  Abbott is paying lip service to it for the election. He will keep his mild promises, consolidate his position, then kill off “Climate Change” and start a long, slow wind-back of the large, sterile, failed, industry which has built itself up around it. I recon that makes him very fit to be Prime Minister. I’d suggest he wait for a trigger and launch an inquiry or two into the whole farce.


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