Posted by: Grant | June 14, 2013

Failed Governor Meets Failed P.M.

Governator Meets GillardThe about to be ex Prime Minister of Australia took advantage of her meeting with the Governator to claim success of her carbon tax.

The Governator probably wishes it would just go away and leave him alone.

Neither of them seems to want to notice that the latest Climate Talks in Bonn just collapsed.

The MSM largely ignored them, but this exchange on the Leftist Aussie public broadcaster is a rare discussion of a fading issue and an indication of where attitudes are with the issue.

Thursday 13 June 2013

From the Video –

“They’re saying there’s mounting proof that their policies are working. In the Eleven Months since Australia’s price on carbon began…. ”
Renewable energy investment is increasing….
Business are finding new ways to (sic. – be green)….
Emissions from Australia’s electricity market were down 7.4 per cent…
Renewable energy generation up almost 30% since July 2012…
The largest wind farm in the southern hemisphere opened in Victoria in April…”

All of the above are the direct result of the mandatory RET (Renewable Energy Target) and have nothing to do with the Carbon Tax. Absolutely nothing.
The Australian Parliament forced “Renewables” on the Country at great cost. The “price on carbon” did not.


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