Posted by: Grant | July 6, 2013

I’m Still Here

~meI do not post just for the sake of it, but I am still checking the news every day.

“Climate Change” has been put in the “To Hard” basket long ago by the political classes.

They now realise, however, that it is a spiritual belief and you don’t win votes by insulting people’s spiritual beliefs.

A huge industry worth billions of dollars has grown up in research, and in “Renewables” and they continue to feed the media with spurious little entertaining anecdotes in the absence of any real evidence.

“Renewables” have failed to be a proven alternative and the billions poured into research have failed to find the required miracle solution. These industries are sterile and will slowly be allowed to die a natural death.

They cried “wolf” once to often.

The planet itself is now mocking them.

Follow this blog and I will update you with anything significant as it comes up in this now doomed and dying issue.


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