Posted by: Grant | July 15, 2013

Aussie Carbon Tax Scrapped.

~meThe AUS Conservatives have just had the rug pulled out from under their “great big tax on everything” propoganda.
They had very cleverly capitalised on the soaring power bills by implying that it was the Labor Carbon Tax.
Aussies expecting their power bills to decline are in for a bitter disappointment, however.

It was the mandatory RET (renewable energy) which doubled their power bills.
Labor was right, the Carbon Tax has had very little effect on them. That bad news was yet to come. ( WUWT australias-carbon-tax-an-expensive-sop-to-the-greens )
Moves are now being made to remove the licence-to-print-money, AKA gold plated power poles, given to power wholesalers and the “Renewables” industry, but they are powerful politically.
The Liberal Party has its own price-on-carbon – penalties on busineses who increase their “carbon pollution” and they fully support the RET. There is now no product differentiation between the parties on “Climate Change” and power bills.

The Carbon Tax will only be removed after the election and the Labor “price-on-carbon” does not then have to be pegged to the EU price, it can be reset higher should they be re-elected or, heaven forbid, have to treat with the Greens again.  The ALP/Greens government were at one stage boasting how the Carbon Tax was so firmly entrenched that it was impossible to remove. 

The Aussie ETS, like the EU ETS, is a “Cap-n-trade” system with the “Cap” being set by government. To call it a “market” is pure sophistry.

Yet another distraction from policy failings
by: Dennis Shanahan, Political editor
July 15, 2013 12:00A


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