Posted by: Grant | July 19, 2013

US Senate Inquiry Backfires On Them.

~meSomething sadly missing from aussie politics – a debate on the science. The debate we never had and the debate we still do not get.

Democrat Senators stacked this hearing with Alarmists only to find it backfire on them.
Seems we are having extreme weather because we are having extreme weather and there are computer models of more bad weather to come. No other reason. Computer models – the science you have when you have no science.
How and why global warming causes bad weather still goes unanswered.

This is a very long video – nearly 4 hours – with long breaks – use your mouse to jump forward.
Jump to 1.22.17 for the scientists
Jump to 2.59.10 for the sceptic science


I note that there are now moves to legislate against the Obama attempts to regulate what Congress has clearly rejected.

I also note that the Alarmists can still only quote computer models and cite coincidental, anecdotal events as proof. There still is NO scientific explanation on how global warming causes bad weather. None. Just the tired old superstitious, specious, argument that it’s getting warmer and we’re getting more bad weather therefore the warming is causing the bad weather. A fatuous argument also because both premises to it are false as well. The warming is normal and stopped and the bad weather is also normal.

“Climate Change It’s Happening Now”



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