Posted by: Grant | July 24, 2013

But, But, Didn’t You Say?

me3More Mainstream UK Admissions.

As their economy fails to recover and their energy bills rise through the roof, the readers of the UK Telegraph must be bemused, or angry.

They were told “Climate Change is here and NOW!” “We must act before it’s to late”.

They are asking themselves “if Climate Change can be neutralised by natural forces for over ten years, why are we panicking about it?

Two things are now plain to see – The Alarmists at the UN IPCC used computer models that were all wrong and they falsely claimed that “natural forcings” were to slight and to long term to affect “Climate Change”.

What else have they got wrong? Everything, except that the huge rise in global carbon dioxide has had a theoretical (but undetectable) effect on the planet’s temperature.


Global warming ‘on pause’ but set to resume – Telegraph


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