Posted by: Grant | July 29, 2013

A little Gem Of Science

ee003012_ofc_800.png sJOURNAL ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT
Volume 24, Number 3 – 4 / June 2013
Mechanisms of Climate Change and the AGW Concept: a critical review


~scienceSmallFrom the EDITORIAL

“…Moreover, lead authors of IPCC draft assessment reports largely disregarded invited comments submitted by AGW antagonists.

Given the socioeconomically harmful consequences arising from implementing the climate-engineering policies of the Kyoto Protocol, it is vital to critically assess the validity of scientific arguments backing the AGW postulate. This is the objective of this Special Issue of Energy & Environment that addresses a selection of key controversial processes inherent to the concept of anthropogenic climate change. The coincidence of rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations and increasing average surface temperatures can, however, no longer be considered as conclusive evidence for the AGW concept, as postulated by the IPCC in its Summaries for Policy Makers. This postulate, which is fundamental to the AGW concept, is based on the fact that CO2 absorbs and emits infrared (IR) radiation. This leads to theoretical descriptions of radiation transfer processes in atmospheric columns that are based on the well-known Planck and Lambert-Beer physical laws. The question arises, however, whether these ‘laws’, considered in their restricted sense only, also apply in the complex global climate system as assumed at first sight.

Invoking the properties of so called thermal reservoirs in the climate system, R. Clark discusses how energy transfer processes in the atmosphere can be identified, thus challenging… “

” …All papers of this compendium were reviewed by at least two referees and whenever possible by AGW supporters and critics. In case of a negative review report, comments by additional referees were sought. In several cases this led to an extensive exchange of views between authors and referees and corresponding manuscript revisions, which were subject to a second round of peer review prior to acceptance for publication. We gratefully acknowledge the participation of fifty reviewers who invested their time to critically assess papers forming this special issue.
Prof. (em.) Dr Arthur Rörsch, The Netherlands Former vice president of the Netherlands Organization for Applied Research, TNO Prof. (em.),
Dr Dr h.c. Peter A. Ziegler, Switzerland Member (em.) Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, KNAW iv Energy & Environment · Vol. 24, No. 3 & 4, 2013″


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