Posted by: Grant | July 30, 2013


macarthyismThe AUS ABC LATELINE have always dutifully passed on the latest in “Nature Magazine” from the Climate establishment, but this effort was just a bit to much for even them to swallow.

Just look at the body language – it says it all really.

The alarmist is quite taken aback to be actually questioned about it!

Yes, that’s TRILLION with a “T”.

Climate change could cost 60 trillion dollars

Climate economist warns of impact of climate change

The preposterous claim is that global warming is going to release billions of tonnes of methane from underground, underwater, permafrost in the Arctic and we’re-all-gunna-DIE! It must be true because they made a computer model of it! The Cambridge economics Greenie not only pontificates on the science, but is then more than happy to pontificate on the politics of it as well.

METHANE – Billions of tonnes of methane are produced each year in the wild by anerobic bacteria [ here ] , it does NOT, as the economist  Greenie claims, last for ten years. It oxidizes. It readily reacts with the OH radical.  It is such a trivial trace gas that it is measured in parts per billion and you need a room full of very specialised equipment to even detect it in the air.

I won’t bother with the debunking links – google it if you need them.

POSTSCRIPT: Speaking of preposterous – this should finally disabuse you of any notion that “Climate Change” is science –
A UN IPCC Scientist’s New Study! ‘Global Warming Sparks Fistfights & War, Researchers Say’


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