Posted by: Grant | August 4, 2013

UK Wind Power – FAIL

I hesitate to mention this, in case our aussie ALP think it’s a good idea.

Can you imagine the appalling cost of tens of thousands of giant, ugly, bird munching, wind turbines all over the English countryside which, not only produce their rated power output very rarely, but now have to have not hundreds, but thousands of small, dirty, smelly, noisy, inefficient diesel generators to try and smooth out their wild power surges so that the real power generators, which are now being fed woodchips from the USA, can keep up the power supply to the UK which is trying to keep warm as it gets freezing cold winter after freezing cold winter and desperately hopes for some Global Warming to come along.





We could soon be paying billions for this wind back-up
The National Grid’s latest plan is taking off into the weirdest scheme yet, thanks to our politicians’ obsession with wind turbines

” … about the scheme being devised by the National Grid to solve what has long been the most intractable problem created by the Government’s plan to see the best part of £110 billion spent in seven years on building tens of thousands more wind turbines – namely, how to keep our national grid “balanced” when it has to cope with all those unpredictably wild fluctuations in the speed of the wind.

The answer National Grid has come up with, only made possible by the latest computer technology and “cloud software”, is to hook up thousands of diesel generators, remotely controlled by the grid, to provide almost instantly available back-up for when the wind drops… “


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