Posted by: Grant | August 7, 2013

Arctic Sea Ice – NOTHING

This is a satellite-derived chart of Arctic sea ice extent over the last 12 years.

As you can see the melt diverges considerably each summer.

Having no other evidence, Alarmists seize on it if a lot of ice melts that year “arctic sea ice is rapidly melting this summer” etc., etc. This year sceptics are revelling in “sea ice returns” and “record sea ice” to counter this.

You can see they are both WRONG, of course.

It doesn’t matter what happens in September, by January each year, the coloured lines all come together and there is virtually NO DIFFERENCE and no trend between them.

Give it another ten years before we panic about the Arctic melting.



The Sceptics cannot win, of course, the Alarmists will just drop it and find another dramatic little anecdote to feed the media who will lap it up without question. Why spoil a good doomsday story with facts? The sceptics will disprove it almost immediately and be ignored and the process will repeat itself over and over again. Here is the complete list of some 883 things caused by Global Warming which sceptics have had to debunk over the years – Almost all of it the result of the billions of dollars available for “Climate Research”.




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