Posted by: Grant | August 7, 2013

UK Tories See Reason.

Seems the UK Conservatives have finally learnt to pat Greenies indulgently on the head, smile, nod sympathetically and then totally ignore them. Good.


…And that takes us back to the current dispute. Mr Clegg and the Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey are pushing hard for the Government not to abandon concrete support for developers of expensive renewables like offshore wind.

And superficially they appear to be winning. Last month the Government published the price it would be prepared to pay for wind-generated electricity. Then last week it published its Offshore Wind Industrial Strategy which outlined a range of incentives to turn Britain into an international hub for offshore wind turbine production.

But this is window dressing and the Tories, led by Mr Osborne and Mr Letwin, may yet sabotage the plans. They have refused Liberal Democrat attempts to give any price guarantees for wind energy beyond 2020 and are refusing to cover the risk of cost over-runs for new wind fields in the contracts.

They have also put off a decision on whether to set a legally binding target for carbon emissions from electricity generation until after the next election.

Together these seemingly small things ā€“ which have had little publicity ā€“ will be enough to put off a lot of renewable investors from coming to Britain and will effectively strangle the large-scale development of off-shore wind.”

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