Posted by: Grant | August 9, 2013

Sea Level – Defined

A definitive, comprehensive, treatise on sea level rise by Prof. Singer

Prof. Singer, a octegenerian, was one of the few recognised, specialised, Climatologists in the world before the UN IPCC invented “Climate Science” and parlayed it up into multi-billion dollar research industry on a doomsday premise.

His prose is a little stilted but he can still do very good science.

He deprecated and debunked Global Warming as soon as it came along and has ever since.

July 31, 2013
Sea Level Rise Surprise
By S. Fred Singer

fredsinger2” …We can now try to answer our original question: Can a Global Warming really lower sea level rise?  It all depends on the time-scale:  Yes — if GW lasts only for some decades or less.  No — if warmer temperatures persist for millennia, the WAIS melting rate would increase — and so would SLR.

By analogy, a future warming produced, putatively, by an increase in greenhouse gases would give the same result: i.e., reduce the rate of rise of sea level.  This is not a recommendation to burn more coal in order to save Venice from drowning.  It is a modest appeal to politicians to take note of new scientific developments and recognize that the drastic limits on energy use called for by climate-treaty negotiators will not stop the rising seas.”



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