Posted by: Grant | August 14, 2013

Prof Cox Preserves His TV Career

prof-coxAre we changing the Climate of the planet?” – “Yes” – WRONG –

The trivial trace gas carbon dioxide will have a theoretical effect on the Earth’s temperature, but if it is happening we haven’t seen it yet and it is undetectable from normal variation. Whether it will affect the climate at all is a very mute point.

Well the debate is how much we’re changin’ the climate” – CORRECT

For someone who is not involved in climate science to say, well I don’t believe that, that’s a nonsensical position.” –
CORRECT ANSWER – someone who is “not involved in climate science”
CAN cite all the scientists who don’t “believe that” and all the science that those scientists produce to prove that “Climate Change”, if it is occurring at all, is so trivial that it is undetectable from natural forces.

Prof Cox, like David Attenborough, no doubt saw what happened to David Bellamy and his career when he tried to debate “Climate Change”.

The BBC froze me out because I don’t believe in global warming: Outspoken as ever, David Bellamy reveals why you don’t see him on TV any more
By Jane Fryer
PUBLISHED: 01:03 GMT, 22 January 2013  | UPDATED: 10:10 GMT, 22 January 2013
“Conservationist dismissed man-made global warming as ‘poppycock’ in 2004. BBC ‘stopped giving him work’ and his career dried up as a result, he says. Campaigners spat at him in street and sent him ‘paedophile’ hate mail… “

11 Aug 2013

Professor Cox is the pot calling the kettle black – the political Right, sympathetic to Environment needs, only got involved in the issue when they noticed that Alarmists were almost all Leftists, advocating massive government regulation and intervention and nothing short of a new world order! (and here –
What Cox should have said is “I’m here to talk about science. Please don’t bother me with Climate Change”.



  1. How long ago was the TV interview?

  2. last Sunday 11 aug

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