Posted by: Grant | August 15, 2013

Now Look What You’ve Done.


Greenies watched with dismay as thousands of giant wind turbines and their power lines desecrated the countryside and started killing birds and bats, which attracted the raptors and started killing them off as well.

Then they watched the Biofuel disaster entrench itself against all their protests.

Now, they are watching with increasing alarm as huge areas of countryside, “three times the size of Liechtenstein”, are being grown with trees, clear felled, wood chipped, and replanted to provide “sustainable power”.

All these extremely expensive “Alternative” “Renewables” are needed on such a gigantic scale that they quickly become their own environmental problem. A human problem also (irrelevant for the inhuman Greenies of course) is the 7 billion of us who need the land for food.

Who says it’s green to burn woodchips?
Woodchip power stations are set for a boom. But conservationists are increasingly challenging their green credentials.
Special report by Graham Mole
Sunday 25 October 2009

” …Biofuelwatch said: “The land area needed to grow the biomass to power a station the size of Port Talbot ranges from 130,000 to half a million hectares of productive land – an area three times the size of Liechtenstein.”

The power firms claim that generating electricity by burning wood emits an equal or lesser amount of CO2 than the quantity absorbed by the trees through photosynthesis in forests.

The claim, however, has been robustly denied by Rachel Smolker, a research scientist who works with the Global Justice Ecology Project in the US. She said: “Burning wood is called carbon-neutral, but it’s not.”

She says that research by the Massachusetts Environmental Energy Alliance, a US environmental group, indicates that burning trees for energy produces 1.5 times as much carbon as coal and three to four times more than natural gas. She added: “Climate change is a huge problem, but some of the plans for fighting it are even more dangerous.”



  1. We need to use the technology which has been hidden from humanity. Check out the documentary of Dr. Steven Greer:

    or search for his name on youtube for many interviews.

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