Posted by: Grant | August 22, 2013

Angela Believes Her Own Propoganda.

imagesCA6MDSBYHere’s a good one, after a nuclear power plant exploded in Europe and killed a grand total of about 30 people 30 years ago and a Tsunami blew up an old nuclear plant in Japan and killed precisely nobody, the German Government panics and shuts down all its perfectly good nuclear plants and try’s to rely on “Renewables”.
Uh, Angela, “renewables” cannot provide base load power, dear, you have to pay the real power stations to idle in the background to try to keep the base load stable. There is a limit to how much nuclear power that France can supply you with before the blackouts and brownouts start.
This could be the reason that BMW moved to the USA – ask them.
Greenies should be smiled at indulgently, patted on the head, agreed with, and then totally ignored. Try it.

German Utility Revolts Against Renewable Energy, Threatens To Relocate In Turkey
William Pentland, Contributor
8/19/2013 @ 6:18PM


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