Posted by: Grant | August 22, 2013

From Desperate Back To Hysterical

National Geographic still thinks there’s money in “Climate” and insults its reader’s intelligence with this ridiculous cover


At the present rate it will take 23,537 years – see here –
National Geographic’s Junk Science: How long will it take for sea level rise to reach midway up the Statue of Liberty?
Posted on August 20, 2013
by Anthony Watts

This definitive study points out that the most pessimistic Global Warming would take 10,000 years to melt the ice caps and isostatic rebound would limit the rise to only 66 metres. (the huge rises after the last ice age were from a very low base – most of the ice has now already melted as we come up to the next ice age)
What If All the Ice Melts?” Myths and Realities
by Wm. Robert Johnston last updated 29 December 2005

Backed up by this very recent definitive study
July 31, 2013
Sea Level Rise Surprise By S. Fred Singer


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