Posted by: Grant | August 23, 2013



“Vestas is a Danish company that manufactures wind turbines, and it used to be the global leader in its industry. Things look much different at the company now, after its CEO was sacked on Wednesday in the face of plummeting profits and market share. Share prices are down 85 percent from this time five years ago, and the ousted CEO was forced to issue profit warnings to investors four times over the last three years. The FT reports on what went wrong:.. “

~meIf you think you’re far to smart to have shares in a save-da-planet fad like wind turbines and you’re also in an industry super fund, I’ve got very bad news for you.

The unionists on the board of your super fund have been putting your money into “Renewables” for years for purely ideological reasons.

Ownership structure  Pacific Hydro

Union super fund cuts out middleman – Business –


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