Posted by: Grant | August 31, 2013

Please Ex-playne?!

untitledI wish someone would ask the UNIPCC two simple questions while they’re at it.

ONE – If “Climate Change” can be neutralised by “natural forcings” what is the cause for alarm?
TWO – What will the global temperature be in 2100, without “Global Warming?”

It is a fundamental flaw in Climate Change alarm that we cannot exclude the possibility that the globe has stopped warming and started cooling.

The UNIPCC were patently wrong (all their models failed to predict the “slowdown”) to exclude “natural forcings” from their calculations and “projections” but the UNIPCC cannot now include “natural forcings” in their “projections” because they cannot predict them.

It is now intellectually bankrupt to claim that we do not know what the global temperature will be in 2100 but we do know that it will be much hotter. Fossil fuel burning has increased almost exponentially in the 60yrs since WW2 yet the temperature rise stopped over ten years ago.

Global Warming Slowdown Data Sought in UN Climate Report
By Alex Morales –
Aug 30, 2013 9:01 AM GMT+1000

” …“In the public debate, there are people who are using the slowdown to say global warming is less of a problem than thought,” Ward said in an interview yesterday. “It has to be fully explained in the summary.”

A draft of the summary and the underlying 2,200-page report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change were obtained by Bloomberg from a person with official access to the documents who declined to be further identified because it hasn’t been published…. “

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