Posted by: Grant | September 1, 2013

“Natural Forcings” Rule OK


Spiegel: Scientists Hopelessly Stumped By Present Ocean Cooling, Still Insist They Are Certain About The Future!
By P Gosselin
on 29. August 2013

“Right now we have over 65% more Arctic sea ice area, a record high sea ice area around Antarctica, a record low tornado season, record late start start hurricane season, 15 years of no global warming, a cooling tropical Pacific and a “strongly cooling Southern Ocean”.

The above are just some examples illustrating just how embarrassingly wrong climate science has been. But hey! The PIK says Munich had a record warm Christmas day last year!

Just breaking is the study that blames a cooling tropical Pacific for the stall in global warming, and it is hitting the climate science community like a meteor. If anything, it confirms that natural climate cycles do dominate after all.

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi commented: “You gotta love these guys ‘discovering’ what all of us have been saying.”… “


POSTSCRIPT The UNIPCC dismissed “natural forcings” in creating the “Global Warming” alarm here – – now “natural forcings” have neutralised the predicted on-going  rise in global temperature.


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