Posted by: Grant | September 4, 2013

Political Spin Becomes An ALP Death Spiral

spinFirst the ALP tries to neutralise the “there will be no carbon tax under a Government I lead” disaster and the unnecessary doubling of aussie power bills by announcing it will abolish the Carbon Tax – TA DAH!!

But then, instead of totally ignoring it like Obama and now Merkel at their elections, they let Mark Butler, a spinmeister par excellence, onto TV to remind the voter how their power bills doubled for nothing and that that is only the beginning – DURH!!!

He starts by arguing that nobody cares about it anymore, it is very, very, old – should have quit right there!

but then he brags about the massive waste of money on wind farms and solar panels and the huge bureaucracy that they created around it and promises much more of the same in the future – DURH AGAIN!!!

This is why I called him a spinmeister – he calls the Carbon Tax a temporary “fixed price”.

The panel on the “DRUM” program (3/9/13) couldn’t pick their jaws up quickly enough to challenge him properly.


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