Posted by: Grant | September 5, 2013

The Annoying ENSO

~mePlease don’t annoy us with the ENSO  (El Nino – La Nina).

ENSO is an EFFECT – not a CAUSE

To claim that “Climate Change” has stopped because of La Nina is pathetic – what caused the La Nina then?! – DURH!

Fact is that natural forces have neutralised “Global Warming” which, if it existed at all, was NEVER above natural variation in the first place.

One day we may find out what causes the ENSO, just like one day we may be able to predict what future global temperature will be without the effect of “Climate Change” on top of it – the science is not “settled”.

Another Paper Blames ENSO for the Warming Hiatus
Bob Tisdale – Climate Observations


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