Posted by: Grant | September 8, 2013

Australia Elects Climate Conservative PM

abbott victoryWe are waiting to see what happens in the Senate, but we do know what will happen to “Climate” under the new Liberal government – they will lock it up and starve it to death in its cell.

We also know what they will do to (not!) implement their “Direct Action Plan”. They will kill off the Carbon Tax, then the Climate bureaucracy, then –

”A call for submissions on the direct action plan to replace the carbon tax would be made on day 30 of an Abbott government and a white paper prepared the following month. The white paper would be released on day 105 with a two-month consultation period before legislation was introduced on the six-month anniversary of a Coalition government. Implementation would take place after 10 months.”

In other words they will heavily modify it after “submissions” are considered, emasculate it and render it harmless a year after they get elected after “consultation”.

See Here –
Liberals’ plan to dismantle carbon laws

May 18, 2013 12:00AM (paywalled)
also here

The real issue is still the dreaded mandatory RET which is killing our power bills, but is never raised because all political parties made a monumental stuff up by supporting it. The Liberals will need to do something about the RET – it supports a huge political lobby which wastes vast amounts of money on failed technology and it will continue to drive power bills through the roof.

~mePOSTSCRIPT – If they insult our intelligence by suddenly discovering that Labor has left the economy in such a mess that they must make savage cuts and cannot keep their election promises anymore – I will NEVER FORGIVE THEM!


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