Posted by: Grant | September 10, 2013

Renewables Were Always Doomed.

In 1962, before he announced that they would put a man on the moon, JFK asked Werner Von Braun and the scientists if it was feasible. The answer was yes it was just a matter of scaling up the proven ICBM liquid fuel rocketry and guidance systems.

In 2013 the public are discovering that huge amounts of their money have been wasted because that question was never asked about “Renewables”.

It is true that a fundamental flaw in “Renewables” is their inability to store the harvested energy, but the real problem is the scale and the inefficiency of renewables.

When you scale them up to the size required they quickly become astronomically expensive and cause their own serious environmental and human life issues.

This article and scientific study ( ) ignores the economic, environmental and human life issues and addresses the energy efficiency issues of storing Renewable Energy.


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