Posted by: Grant | September 21, 2013

Climate Commissar Sacked

climate-commissarPoor Timmy, he will be crying all the way to the bank. (“The Weather Makers” sold over 1 million copies world wide)

In the immortal words of Herman Goering – “oh well at least I had ten good years”.

A win for Australia! Government scraps Climate Commission. Taxpayers rejoice!
The science-propaganda agency is gone for good. One down — scores to go.
September 19th, 2013

“Tony Abbott was sworn in yesterday. Today Greg Hunt rang Tim Flannery to tell him the commission is closed. His $180,000 3-day-a-week job as a sales agent for “climate change” is over… “

In a desperate attempt to keep the gravy train rolling, Timmy goes public for donations.
Most true believers cannot afford to help him because of their astronomical power and fuel bills and the public have moved on anyway ( ). Generation Y-bother!
I will watch how he goes and let you know.


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