Posted by: Grant | September 22, 2013

The New World Order

Bill HareIf you think that the “Climate Change” revolutionaries are finished, don’t be to sure.

They are quite shameless. There are only a few of them and they keep a very low profile. They can quite easily rebrand themselves to accommodate global cooling and manufacture a human cause for it.

Standby for the – we’re heading for an ice age and we must stop burning fossil fuels and start a new world order in the UN to save-da-planet.

The New World Order

BTW – They are revolutionaries because their aim is to bring down western civilisation, and remake it as a Green socialist utopia via the UN. Pressure is to be placed on the capitalist system by those who cannot afford the ever more expensive technical solutions advocated. An energy impoverished, rebellious, underclass is intrinsic to the plan. Meanwhile, they appeal to more moderate Leftists by offering them big government with massive regulation. They reject the only demonstrated viable alternatives, nuclear and hydro to ensure the revolution. The capitalist media are easily manipulated by their insatiable appetite for cheap sensationalism. They are also aided by the strange dichotomy of a failed scientific educational and philosophical system in a high tech society.

NWOBTW – If you think I am being paranoid, immerse yourself in this excellent expose’ of the UN IPCC by investigative journalist Donna Laframboise

Also here –

The Copenhagen Agreement and a Scary U.N. Power Grab. –

Has Anyone Read the Copenhagen Agreement?
U.N. plans for a new ‘government’ are scary.
By Janet Albrechtsen
Updated Oct. 28, 2009 7:05 p.m. ET

Not Even Climate Change Will Kill Off Capitalism



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