Posted by: Grant | September 24, 2013

Carbon Capture – FAIL

We dodged the experimental Solar Dawn Disaster, but we have our own aussie billion dollar monuments to Green folly in the form of huge useless and mothballed desalination plants.
Kurnell $1.9billion, Wonthaggi $4 Billion, Kwinana $0.4 billion, QLD Water Grid $9 billion – $15.3 billion wasted.

We could have had so many schools, hospitals, freeways, ports even a high speed rail!


September 22, 2013
Walter Russell Mead’s Blog
Norwegian Green Policy Collapse

” …One Norwegian green described the government’s decision to Reuters as “one of the ugliest political crash landings we have ever seen.” We’re of a mind to agree — the government has funneled roughly $1.2 billion to CCS projects since 2007, and it looks like much of that will be written off. The government still intends to fund a CCS research and development facility with a much smaller price tag. Solely funding this R&D center would have been the smart play from the beginning, rather than investing in a full-fledged facility for a fledgling technology. It’s just the latest green policy to collapse into expensive ruins.”


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