Posted by: Grant | September 25, 2013

Aussie ABC Finally Balances “Climate”

~meAfter so many years of Tony Jones et al. sniggering and sneering at Climate Change “deniers” we finally got some balance on the issue with the election of a conservative government.

The ABC have obviously dramatically FAILED in their duty to report both sides of the issue.

They have defied their charter and adopted an staunch editorial position on it. (Duties of the board 8 (1)(c) – here )

The geriatric, pathetic, old David Suzuki was no match for the Climate Change cynics and it shows in his body language. A failed life. The cynics are on a roll!


It’s time to put the cleaners through the failed, decrepit, Australian Broadcasting Corporation News and Current Affairs department, just like the failed, decrepit NBNCO.
It is infested with Leftist “groupthink” dogma and has become incapable of the required balance on Climate Change and other issues.
We are being denied information we need.


Monday 23 September, 2013
An Audience With David Suzuki

Since Judy Garland got booed off the stage in Adelaide in the sixties, we have a long history of celebrities being sent down-under when they start losing it!


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