Posted by: Grant | September 27, 2013

Ha Ha Ha – Poland Strikes Back!

imagesCAO0KGOVHere’s a good one.

The Poles have organised a pro-coal conference to run parallel with the big Greenie COP there in Nov.

Greenies are spittin’ chips!

Greens outraged over Polish ‘clean coal’ push at UN climate summit
Published 25 September 2013, updated 26 September

“Poland has been starkly criticised for organising an ‘International Coal and Climate Summit’ to run parallel with the COP19 UN climate change conference it is hosting in Warsaw this November… “

imagesCALSQ6QF” …“The Polish government is transforming something of international importance into a lobby opportunity for coal, the very energy which destroys climate the most,” Claude Turmes, the MEP and vice-chair of the European Parliament Green group told EurActiv.

“It is outrageous,” he went on. “Poland is abusing its position in a vast cynical diplomatic exercise to derail the international climate negotiations and, done by a European member state, I think it is really an attempt to destroy solidarity inside the EU.”

” …It is probably a statement by the Poles of thumbing their noses to responsible climate policy and to EU policy as well,” Jason Anderson, WWF’s head of European climate and Energy told EurActiv…. “


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