Posted by: Grant | September 27, 2013

Huh? – Gimme-that-again?

The big-mouth aussie prof. Karoly, riding the “Climate” gravy train, tries to explain away the lack of warming in the new IPPC report – FAILS.

He is usually quite articulate but this effort can only be described as befuddled.

  • Resorts to “deep oceans” – calls it the main component  (it’s also the only part of the oceans that the Argo floats don’t measure).
  • Claims 90% of the warming has gone to heating the oceans – huh!?
  • Then he blames “ocean mixing” heat being transferred down and causing a La Nina – huh? again!
  • Then he completely ignores what he said one minute before – “The increase in that (sic – near surface air temperatures) has slowed for the last 15 years” (slowed as in stopped!) – and claims that we are still so hot ( +0.5oC!) that there has been continued melting ice in the arctic, of glaciers, and a big increase in temperatures in Australia and blames GLOBAL Warming for our recent heatwave in Queensland! But?, but?


Fact is Prof. Karoly and the UN IPCC have no idea why the world stopped warming. They were, however, patently wrong to claim that we do not need to worry about “natural forcings” because they were too slight and too long term to need to be taken into account. Natural forcings are back with a vengeance. They do need to be taken into account. Karoly et al. is flummoxed because they cannot take them into account, they don’t know.


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