Posted by: Grant | September 29, 2013

Sensible Editorial On AR5


” …It is surely past time, therefore, to take matters out of the hands of the zealots – on both sides. No one can deny that mankind is pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at unprecedented rates, or that this will inevitably have a warming effect on the climate (the reason for the current “pause”, scientists believe, is that the heat has been stored up in the deep oceans, as part of a natural cycle). The debate is over the extent of the problem, and the possible solutions.

Rather than issuing prophecies of doom, policy-makers must start afresh, with a serious, realistic conversation with the public about what is happening, and what is to be done. In particular, it is far from clear that taking an axe to advanced economies will do anything to make matters better, not least since the developing world will not deny itself prosperity in the name of environmental extremism. Instead of issuing quixotic calls for a complete decarbonisation of the economy, politicians should foster investment in innovations that can wean us off fossil fuels without damaging growth, and research sensible, cost-effective ways to adapt to a changing climate. The last thing the planet needs is more hot air.”

Even better, why don’t we just ignore it and hope it will go away and leave us alone!


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