Posted by: Grant | October 1, 2013

The Laughs Continue

laughsHere’s another good one!

The political classes in the UK all decide to force expensive “Renewables” onto the working classes to “save-da-planet” for the upper classes.
Then, whoopsie, an election looms up and this, chief culprit, decides to try to save their bacon by – wait for it –
TA DAH!! – “freezing the price rise” – DURH!
This is what passes for politics in the UK in 2013?!
The Renewables industry are now to be blamed for failing the revolution, very reminiscent of Herman Goering blaming the Luftwaffe for failing him in the Battle Of Britain!

Tackling the symptoms of high energy prices not the cause:
Why Ed Miliband’s big freeze is doomed to fail
By Peter Atherton
PUBLISHED: 19:43 GMT, 29 September 2013  | UPDATED: 07:43 GMT, 30 September 2013


POSTSRIPTDevelopments – Not just a flash in the pan –
How Ed’s energy price freeze gave George the shivers
By James Forsyth
PUBLISHED: 00:30 GMT, 6 October 2013  | UPDATED: 00:30 GMT, 6 October 2013


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