Posted by: Grant | October 10, 2013

MIT Professor Of Meterology.

Dick Lindzen was there at the start. He is a Professor of Meteorology at MIT, and not captured by “The Right” of politics.

He points out here that it doesn’t matter where Global Warming went – what little there was is gone – the discredited UN IPCC now have no right and no grounds to claim it will come back. (They conveniently dismissed “natural forcings” because they cannot predict them or take them into account  – now “natural forcings” have jumped up and bit them on the bum.)

The Climate Record
Richard Lindzen: Understanding The IPCC Climate Assessment
Date: 08/10/13 Richard Lindzen, MIT

lindzenShero” …Referring to the 17 year ‘pause,’ the IPCC allows for two possibilities: that the sensitivity of the climate to increasing greenhouse gases is less than models project and that the heat added by increasing CO2 is ‘hiding’ in the deep ocean. Both possibilities contradict alarming claims.

With low sensitivity, economic analyses suggest that warming under 2C would likely be beneficial to the earth. Heat ‘hiding’ in the deep ocean would mean that current IPCC models fail to describe heat exchange between surface waters and the deep ocean. Such exchanges are essential features of natural climate variability, and all IPCC claims of attribution of warming to mans activities depend on the assumption that the models accurately portray this natural variability… “

It is slightly pathetic that these, following, “deniers” have gone to a lot of trouble to disprove the Deep-oceans-ate-the-warming theory. As if it matters what the actual facts are. This a belief system. A belief system rolling along on billions of dollars.

AMAZING The IPCC May Have Provided A Realistic Illustration
Watts Up With That

Study finds global ocean warming has decelerated 50% over the past 50 years


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