Posted by: Grant | October 16, 2013

UK Follies

Here is an excellent summary of the mess the political classes in the UK have made of “Climate”.

F~meollowing the “If-we-can-put-a-man-on-the-moon…” mentality they have assumed that by simply making “Renewables” competitive in price they would magically take off and provide a technological solution. Error error error error error error error error error error error error error error error error.

We all laughed at the hypocrisy of Ed Miliband’s promise to freeze prices  , when the whole idea was to raise prices and make “Renewables competitive” but this may not be such a bad idea.

Like in Australia, it was always a very stupid idea to force a solution like that. It gives the industry a licence to print money and pass the exorbitant cost on to consumers. The Political dissent generated plays right into the hands of the UN IPCC revolutionaries.

Breaking the nexus between “Renewables” and power bills is not such a stupid idea at all. It lets the Government negotiate the price of “Renewables” directly with the industry, gives them back control and removes the political opprobrium of huge, never ending, power bills.

“Renewables” failed to deliver baseload power, failed to provide a viable alternative, and failed the politicians who backed it.



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