Posted by: Grant | October 17, 2013

New Aussie Govt. Already Spining Like a Top!

~meIt doesn’t matter who you vote for you always get a politician!

All through the election campaign they very cleverly created the impression that it was the Carbon Tax that was putting up power prices.

It was, but only trivially, that pain was in the future.

Power prices soared because the Australian Parliament, almost unanimously, passed the Mandatory RET which forced power suppliers to use extremely expensive “Renewables” and pass the cost on to consumers. The power suppliers, being an essential service, took their golden opportunity and we then got the “Gold-plated-power-poles” syndrome.

Renewables are, of course, not an alternative, they need real, base-load, generators idling in the background all the time. So we have extremely expensive “Renewables” proving intermittent power surges, expensive, base-load power stations idling expensively, doing nothing while the wind blows and the sun shines, and power wholesalers on a cost-plus, licence to print money; All in the vain hope that by pouring billions and billions into it, we would magically invent an alternative energy solution, despite it being a demonstrated failure in the first place!

The new Abbott government may have secret plans to dismantle the RET rip off, but they should not be blaming the Carbon Tax for our soaring power bills or the soaring power bills will come back to bite them.

Tony Abbott locks in death of carbon tax
Sid Maher • October 16, 2013 12:00AM

spin” …The Prime Minister said the abolition of the carbon tax would leave households $550 a year better off. The government estimated that power prices would go down by 9 per cent and gas prices would go down by 7 per cent, making the average power bill $200 a year lower and the average gas bill $70 a year lower… “


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