Posted by: Grant | October 23, 2013

Aussie ABC Alarmists Seriously Alarmed

Capture-1Instead of joining the shift to the centre-right, the AUS ABC News and Current Affairs Department have thrown caution to the wind and desperately tried to prop up the faltering Climate Change Alarm.

They have successfully fought off previous attempts at reform and they now seem to think that they are invincible!
Their inability to balance issues is now a serious threat to them. “The Right” must be given a voice on the national broadcaster or they will force their way on and that could be counter-productive.

All flagship programs, The Drum, The 7.30 Report, Lateline and AM have outrageously put on a few Climate Alarmist “experts” on “the science”, dressing one of them up as a sceptic for “balance”, to superstitiously claim that the bushfires are the result of Global Warming. No serious balance from the opposite point of view.

The reason for this reckless behaviour is that there was a public backlash (Below) against the far left Greens bushfire claims, but more importantly, the silence on “Climate” from the new ALP leadership has been deafening –

Bill Shorten puts majority of Labor policies up for review

“BILL Shorten has put Labor’s carbon pricing policy up for review in a move that gives him maximum flexibility to manoeuvre ahead of the introduction of Tony Abbott’s carbon tax repeal bills next month…”

Read all about the outrageous bias here –

ABC plan to stop bushfires with windmills and buckets of your cash « JoNova

If the ABC wants to stop bushfires, it could cut the crap and donate half its budget  Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

I KNOW! Let’s spend another $15billion on bushfires like we did on usless desalination plants for Climate Change droughts, and hope for the worst!


BTWThe greening of the Planet Earth by a significant rise in CO2 is a factor in the bushfires which has been ignored because is not P.C. Climate Change can only be seen to have bad effects. The boon to the biosphere is ignored. (here)

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