Posted by: Grant | October 31, 2013

Death, Taxes and Climate Change.

This study is not alone, there was a Medieval Warm Period and it was global. Alarmists cannot deny it. The science is in!

There have been many such proxy studies and we can safely conclude that the global temperature constantly changes and at present it is perfectly normal.

New review paper finds Medieval and Roman Warm Periods were worldwide and warmer than the present

Citation: Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change. “Medieval Warm Period and the World’s Oceans.”
Last modified October 23, 2013.

~scienceSmall” …Although the immediate cause or causes of the phenomenon have yet to be definitively identified, there is little question but that earth’s climate oscillates globally on a millennial time-scale independent of the activities of man, and that the most recent cold phase of that natural oscillation was what we call the Little Ice Age, which was centered on approximately AD 1700 and lasted until about AD 1900. Hence, it was only to be expected that temperatures would have risen over the last century or so, as they indeed have, and that they may continue to rise even further until a warm epoch analogous to the Medieval Warm Period is reached. And to thus say, as climate alarmists often do, that the majority of any warming that may currently be occurring is due to anthropogenic CO2 emissions is even less than ill-advised. The same also goes for their infamous “hockey stick history” of earth’s temperature variation over the past millennium, which does not even depict the existence of either the Medieval Warm Period or the Little Ice Age. One year later, Doose-Rolinski et al. (2001)4 analyzed a complete and annually-laminated sediment core extracted from the bed of the northeastern Arabian Sea just south southeast of Karachi, Pakistan, using oxygen isotopes of…


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