Posted by: Grant | November 2, 2013

Aussie Carbon Tax Battle lines Drawn.

alpThe ALP Shadow Cabinet has finally taken a stance on repealing the Carbon Tax – a recent election issue.

Well, it’s not much of stance. They are insisting on an ETS.

This is being reported as a dogmatic stance, but I don’t think so.

I listened to the press conference here – and their position seems much more nuanced than that to me. The machinations have only just started.

The Liberal Party seem happy. They will make mincemeat of “Electricity Bill” Shorten over the issue. It will be a running sore for the ALP. There is no public clamour for an ETS. The public are either bored with it or irritated by it and by the cost of it. All pain and no gain.

POSTSCRIPT I can tell the ALP leaders how to handle this. Greenies should be smiled at indulgently, agreed with, patted on the head and then totally ignored. We only get into trouble when our elected representatives start taking them seriously!


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