Posted by: Grant | November 4, 2013

UK Parliamentry Inquiry.

~meFollowing the US Congress’ successful inquiries into “the science” the UK Parliament has jumped onboard with its own.

This inquiry is probably just product differentiation between the Conservatives and their rabid greenie LDP partners with an election coming up, but these inquiries are anathema to the revolution, because even a slight doubt in the minds of the public destroys the whole imperative.

Come on aussie, come on, come on. Let’s have our own royal commission into “the science”.


New inquiry: IPCC 5th Assessment Review
22 October 2013—tor/

” …The IPCC has been influential in providing the justification for national and international action to prevent dangerous climate change. It has however, come under criticism that it is overly influenced by national political agendas and that it has not satisfactorily addressed the recent pause in global warming nor the InterAcademy criticisms of AR4 and other issues.

This inquiry will explore the latest conclusions of the IPCC, the extent to which the conclusions are robust, and their impact on national and international policy making.

Terms of Reference:

The Committee invites responses, by 10 December 2013, addressing some or all of the following questions:

  • How robust are the conclusions in the AR5 Physical Science Basis report? Have the IPCC adequately addresses criticisms of previous reports? How much scope is there to question of the report’s conclusions?…

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