Posted by: Grant | November 7, 2013

Aussie Ex-PM Goes All “Lawsonian”

lawsonHowardWell, not quite all Lawsonian – he cannot bring himself to denounce “The Science”, just that he never really believed it but he had to go along with it politically, a reflection of his protégé the current aussie PM, Tony Abbott.

The current UK Conservative PM recently said he was not “Lawsonian”.

Nigel Lawson was an early “Denier” and has gone from crying in the wilderness to being taken quite seriously. His GWPF is currently the best “Denier” website.

The former PM has read Lawson’s Book, An Appeal To Reason, twice. ( )

The speech was widely reported – The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) Topics The Climate Record John Howard: Global Warming Battle ‘Has Become A Religion’

John Howard: Global Warming Battle ‘Has Become A Religion’
Date: 06/11/13 Ben Webster, The Times

Also here –

The Guardian: Climate change ‘exaggerated’, says former Australian PM

The Sydney Morning Herald: ‘The claims are exaggerated’: John Howard rejects predictions of global warming catastrophe

The Australian: Global warming exaggerated, former PM John Howard says

ABC News: John Howard agnostic on causes and effects of global warming

Catholic Online: Prime Minister John Howard says, ‘One Religion is Enough’

Business Spectator: Understanding Howard’s climate cognition

Brisbane Times: Govt cool on Howard’s climate talk

Brisbane Times: Howard ‘agnostic’ about climate change

The Australian: Climate change spruikers religious zealots: Howard

Read the Transcript – here – 2013 Annual GWPF Lecture London 5 November 2013

” …Two years on, and late in 2006 my Government hit a “perfect storm” on the issue. Drought had lingered for several years in many parts of Eastern Australia, leading to severe restrictions on the daily use of water; not for the first or last time the bushfire season started early; the report by Sir Nicholas Stern hit the shelves, with the author himself visiting Australia, and lastly the former US Vice President Al Gore released his movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. To put it bluntly “doing something” about global warming gathered strong political momentum in Australia…. “

POSTSCRIPTVideo now up here


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