Posted by: Grant | November 13, 2013


~meIt’s not that they have to seize on a north pacific cyclone because there have been so few American or Australian cyclones.

It’s not that there has been no significant global warming to even start causing “extreme weather”.

It’s not even that “Climate Change” only ever causes bad weather, never good weather.

What is really, really, annoying is that THERE IS NO SCIENCE behind the Causes-all-the-bad-weather theory.

Could somebody PLEASE tell us how, if the globe warms a few degrees, we get more bad weather. I just want to know. It is hard to argue science with a superstitious belief.

This 500 page UN IPCC SREX report – – contains this little gem on page 112 –

“There is evidence that some extremes have changed as a result of anthropogenic influences, including increases in atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases. It is likely that anthropogenic influences have led to warming of extreme daily minimum and maximum temperatures at the global scale. There is medium confidence that anthropogenic influences have contributed to intensification of extreme precipitation at the global scale. It is likely that there has been an anthropogenic influence on increasing extreme coastal high water due to an increase in mean sea level. The uncertainties in the historical tropical cyclone records, the incomplete understanding of the physical mechanisms linking tropical cyclone metrics to climate change, and the degree of tropical cyclone variability provide only low confidence for the attribution of any detectable changes in tropical cyclone activity to anthropogenic influences. Attribution of single extreme events to anthropogenic climate change is challenging. [3.2.2, 3.3.1,4, 3.5.3, Table 3-1]

The report basically says there will be more bad weather because they made a model of it. Mmmm?

Therefore it is “virtually certain”. Because they made a model of it. Mmmm?

The report says that there has been more extreme events and a slight warming of the globe, therefore the slight warming of the globe caused the extreme weather events. That is, that correlation is causation. Not very scientific. They then extrapolate that because there was a slight warming of the globe and, coincidently, a few extreme weather events, then when there is a lot of real warming we will get even more extreme weather events. This is science?!!!

I’m not going to wade through the entire 500 page tome.

I’m going to assume that if there was a simple explanation, or even a complex explanation, of the mechanism whereby a warming of the planet by a few degrees will cause more “extreme weather” then they would have featured it.

They haven’t explained it because they can’t.

Unlike the global warming theory itself, which has some clever, plausible pseudo-science behind it, the “Extreme Weather” theory was just made up as they went along.

POSTSCRIPT –  Oversold – Public not buying it – Environmentalism won’t save people from typhoons like in the Philippines. The precise opposite will industry – Telegraph Blogs



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