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AUS ABC Bias – The History.

 ~meThe Australian Broadcasting Corporation News and Current Affairs Department have let us down very badly on Climate Change Alarm.

It is simply not good enough to dismiss the scientific and political opposition to the Global Warming Scare.

The public broadcaster has failed to present both sides of the issue. They have not only denied rightists access to the issue while favouring leftists, they have actively deprecated the opposition.

They should not be surprised that there are now calls for reform as public interest in the issue collapses.

ABC chair criticises climate change coverage – ABC News

“…”Climate change is at the moment an emotional issue. “But it really is the fundamental issue about the need to bring voices that have authority and are relevant to the particular issue to the attention of our audiences, so that they themselves can make decisions.”… “

Maurice Newman is dead right about the ABC » The Spectator

” …On 6 April 2008, Jones said: ‘From around the year 2001 on Lateline, we began  interviewing everybody we could about this subject; and we interviewed all the main scientific sceptics. And gradually, over a period of time, we resolved in our own minds that the sceptics had it  wrong and the vast majority of scientists disagreed with their position, that there was a developing consensus and if we didn’t take it seriously we were in grave danger of moving to a  position where [it] would simply be too late to do anything about it. And I’m still not sure right now whether we aren’t in that position as we speak.’… “

Emboldened by their success at putting the skids under Maurice Newman and ignoring his warnings, we have since put up with Jones and Obrien and all the others sniggering and sneering at sceptics, and actively supressing their case. These following attacks are not a questioning of a prominent Sceptic. They are personal vilification scripted by Alarmists.

It started with this disgraceful attack on the Great Global Warming Swindle movie.

The Great Global Warming Swindle – About The Film
They screened the movie and then attacked it with a rigged panel see the Utube video here –
Great Global Warming Swindle ABC Debates Part 2-9 – YouTube

Then they attacked this highly qualified scientist Professor Ian Plimer, calling him a “Denier”.
Lateline – 27-04-2009
Ian Plimer discusses his book denying global warming


Then They Attacked Family First Senator Fielding, a qualified engineer, for having the temerity to attend a Sceptic Conference in the USA.

Steve Fielding joins Lateline
Australian Broadcasting Corporation Broadcast: 04/06/2009
Reporter: Tony Jones


Read about the disgraceful attack here –
How the ABC’s priests damn Fielding  Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

But this really paled into insignificance compared to the hatchet job they did on Viscount Monckton.

Climate wars- Lord Monckton visits Australia Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 03/02/2010
Reporter: Tracy Bowden
Video –

Read about the disgraceful attack here –
How the 7.30 Report nobbled Monckton
Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

” …Answer: of course not. Check those links on the warmists’ names to see how O’Brien lets climate alarmists put their case directly, in friendly one-on-one discussions with him . But now see how Monckton, a sceptic, was set up.

First, Monckton was denied a similar in-studio interview, unedited, with O’Brien, presumably because O’Brien would have been hopelessly exposed and outgunned. Instead, he appeared only in an edited report, interspliced with comments from three fervent warmists: green lobbyist and lawyer John Connor from the Climate Institute, Chief Scientist Penny Sackett and Ben McNeil from the Climate Change Research Centre. (Naturally, not a single sceptical scientist was interviewed in this report.)

Second, the first of those warmists was interviewed before we even got to hear from Monckton, just to set the scene.

Third, the condescending reporter attempted to portray Monckton as merely some colorful “showman”, giving more air time to his jokes than to his arguments, but also asking whether he was “dangerous” and part of a “disinformation campaign”.

Fourth, Monckton’s real arguments about the weaknesses of the IPCC warmist science and the fraud we’ve since seen in its “peer review” processes were largely skipped over… “

And here is the attack on Monckton by radio Alarmist Jon Faine –

774 ABC Radio
1 February, 2010 2:31PM AEDT
Climate Change skeptic Lord Monckton debates Rupert Posner from the Climate Group
Audio here


Jon Faine holds a “debate”
Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

” …Good? Yes, but now see the caveats, restrictions and tipping of the playing field that came with this great concession.

First, Faine announced Monckton was a “denier” – using the deliberately offensive Holocaust denier analogy – and made extensive references to the funding (paltry and private) behind his trip. He also pointed out that Monckton was not a trained climate scientist.

Second, Faine brought in fellow alarmist Rupert Posner from the Climate Group to make the odds against Monckton two against one. (Faine for many months had Posner appear weekly on his show, alone and unchallenged (as have been so many of Faine’s alarmist guests), but could not allow Monckton the similar opportunity just once.)

Third, Faine failed to label Posner (a long-time green activist who has worked for Greenpeace) the way he’d labelled Monckton. He did not announce that Posner was as an “alarmist” or even “believer”, preferring to present him as some dispassionate expert. Nor did he declared that Posner, too, is no climate scientist, or declare Posner’s own huge funding sources, which depend on his Climate Group maintaing warming alarmism.

Fourth, Faine repeatedly interrupted and badgered Monckton, but not Posner.

Fifth, Faine repeatedly gave Posner the second (and final) word, allowing him to…

Then there is the active supressing of news, here is just one prominent event all but ignored –

Climategate ABC filters working beautifully
Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

” …Number of results returned when searching “Climategate” on Google: 21,400,000
Number of results returned when searching “Climategate” on ABC Online: One.
One got through?
But relax. It was just a reader’s response to yet another article by a warmist scientist.
UPDATE The ABC now grudgingly adds a story to its site! Climate expert steps down after hacked emails But even then, the ABC’s report cites two warmist spokesmen reassuring us there’s nothing to worry about, and not a single sceptic to explain why the emails are in fact so devastating.
Why this coverup, guys?… “

The ABC Act specifically forbids taking an editorial position and demands balance on issues of publc concern. The News and Current Affairs Department choose to ignore that and are now being called to account.

Eric Abetz Tackles Robyn Williams on Treatment of Bob Carter
Posted by jennifer, November 2nd, 2010 – under News, Opinion.

” …Senator ABETZ — No, I am judging the ABC, not Professor Carter, as to why they would run such a gratuitous denigration that is not based on any scientific analysis of the papers or any peer review of Professor Carter’s papers, and that is why I asked about Mr Ward’s qualifications in comparison to Professor Carter. It would be like a paralegal somewhere saying that the Chief Justice of the High Court is the worst lawyer in Australian history, running that as a promo and then somehow saying that that is fair.

Mr Scott — I am not in a position to judge Mr Ward’s expertise.

Senator ABETZ — I am the very, very concerned about the editorial policy which would suggest bias in allowing that to occur. In relation to labelling of groups and individuals, you have a policy on that. I understand that the ABC likes to describe people that have doubts about climate change as ‘sceptics’. What  label do you apply to those that are the non sceptics?

Mr Scott — I am not sure that there is a label.”

~meLike I said, it’s time, time to put the cleaners through the ABC News & Current Affairs Department and make it work this time. We have paid very dearly for being denied balanced reporting on this issue.

September 27th 2009 print
Bob Carter
Media ecoevangelists


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