Posted by: Grant | December 17, 2013

Permafrost Methane Debunked – Paper

It is claimed that Global Warming will release methane, a GHG, from Arctic permafrost as a positive feedback.
This is pseudo-science.
Aside from this paper, methane, the primary gas in natural gas, is readily oxidised in air. Despite a fairly large output from natural biogas processes, it does not accumulate and always remains at an almost undetectable few parts per billion in air.

Methane Hydrates and Contemporary Climate Change
By: Carolyn D. Ruppel
(U.S. Geological Survey, Woods Hole, MA) © 2011 Nature Education Citation: Ruppel, C. D. (2011) Methane Hydrates and Contemporary Climate Change. Nature Education Knowledge 3(10):29

Catastrophic, widespread dissociation of methane gas hydrates will not be triggered by continued climate warming at contemporary rates (0.2ºC per decade; IPCC 2007) over timescales of a few hundred years. Most of Earth’s gas hydrates occur at low saturations and in sediments at such great depths below the seafloor or onshore permafrost that they will barely be affected by warming over even 103 yr. Even when CH4 is liberated from gas hydrates, oxidative and physical processes may greatly reduce the amount that reaches the atmosphere as CH4. The CO2 produced by oxidation of CH4 released from dissociating gas hydrates will likely have a greater impact on the Earth system (e.g., on ocean chemistry and atmospheric CO2 concentrations; Archer et al. 2009) than will the CH4 that remains after passing through various sinks…. “


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