Posted by: Grant | December 18, 2013

Australian Summer Snow!

I do believe that we are entering a period of global cooling but I resist the citing of cold weather anecdotes, having suffered years of hot weather anecdotes from superstitous greenies for so long, BUT.

This is certainly not Global Warming!!!

Snow falling. In Australia. In summer. That is all

This story was published: 12 days ago December 06, 2013 8:02AM

Thredbo resort in new South Wales is now in the very unusual position of desperately needing its snow to melt. Thredbo has a huge mountain bike event this weekend but the course is currently snow-covered. Hopefully, forecast warmer tempreatures will take care of things.”




  1. […] to call off the race to the pole, the Antarctic record sea ice trapped intrepid greenies and the snow season dragged on into December, the huge multi-billion dollar “Climate” industry have been […]

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