Posted by: Grant | December 29, 2013

Ha Ha Ha – Icebreaker please!

~meOh, the grief caused by believing your own propaganda.

We just love to watch greenies, believing that the globe is warming, and getting turned back by unseasonably cold weather and ice!

It is a metaphor for what they have done to science and tried to do to our economy.

The owners of this ship (look at it – not exactly a “Cruise Ship“!!) should be like the rest of us and never take greenies seriously!

FACT 1 – Antarctica is NOT warming, but slightly cooling. FACT 2 – Antarctica is slowly gaining ice.

If objective, as opposed to politically correct, forecasts had been used, Prince Harry and the owners of this ship would have been much more cautious about Antarctica.


So much sea ice in Antarctica that a research vessel gets stuck, in summer!
Posted on December 26, 2013
by Anthony Watts

“UPDATE: Turns out this “research” vessel was mostly a taxpayer funded junket for getting video stories to BBC in the UK and ABC in Australia, see update2 below.”

MSM Glosses Over Irony of Global Warming Scientists Trapped in Antarctic Ice

‘Stuck in our own experiment’: Leader of trapped team insists polar ice is melting
By Paul Tilsley/
Published December 30, 2013/


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