Posted by: Grant | December 30, 2013

Wind And Solar – FAIL


GWPF (translation)
Renewables Fiasco: Doldrums And Clouds Bring Green Electricity Production To A Halt
Date: 25/12/13 Daniel Wetzel, Die Welt
Wind turbines stand still for days

” …Last week Germany’s wind and solar power production was consistently near to non-existent. More than 23,000 German wind turbines stood still for days. One million photovoltaic systems, subsidized by consumers to the tune of with 108 billion euros, stopped work nearly complete and delivered a few kilowatt hours only very briefly during lunch. For the whole week unloved coal, nuclear and gas power plants had to generate an estimated 95 percent of Germany’s electricity supply.

For the new Economic and Energy Minister Sigmar Gabriel (Social Democratic Party, SPD) the unreliable contribution of renewable energy presents a dilemma: on the one hand, he may not want to be seen to slow down the green energy transition (Energiewende).

On the other hand, it will not add anything to the German power supply if the green power expansion continues and when in the future 40,000 instead of the current 23,000 wind turbines stand still in the doldrums – or when two million instead of one million solar panels do not generate any electricity during the long winter darkness…. “

Fossil fuels store large amounts of energy in a tank or a hopper, whereas wind and solar try to gather small amounts of diluted energy and have no way of storing it or producing it on demand. Wind and Solar have proven impractical and cause their own significant environmental issues due to their vast scale.


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