Posted by: Grant | January 1, 2014

Why We’re All Gettin’ Stuck In Ice?

~meTimidly going where others fear to tread, this documentary – “The Secret Life Of The Sun” – was buried in the non-ratings period, either because it had to be sneaked in then, past the Alarmists, or to minimise the damage from its mention of the nexus between sunspots and global cooling. Or maybe because none of us like to now realise that we got badly sucked into the Climate Change doomsday alarm.

The opening claim in the documentary that “the sun is going into overdrive. It’s more active now than it’s been for a decade” is spurious and alarmist.
There is now a peak in the usual solar cycle, but the present peak in solar activity is much less than the last peak a decade ago – see here – 
It also implies in this clip that the Little Ice Age was an isolated European phenomena whereas temperature proxy studies do suggest that it was global.

Dr. Matthew J. Penn, Associate Astronomer Kitt Peak McMath-Pierce Telescope suggests global cooling.


Full documentary here –

The Secret Life Of The Sun
The Secret Life Of The Sun


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